Affordable housing in Africa is substandard. The goal of this project is to provide comfortable, durable and easily maintained homes at subsidized costs. Affordable housing is needed.
African Bridge believes building affordable, easily maintained homes in local areas in Africa
can be a reality. Building homes will provide employment for residents, change lifestyle, give hope and boost the economy in that area. We envision International building contractors collaborating with local building contractors in Africa to coordinate these housing projects. Doing so creates revenue for International and American corporations and offers a means
of work experience for African workers.

The Project is designed to increase the standard of living in underdeveloped countries in
Africa by building new homes, renovating abandoned projects, implementing adequate maintenance programs, and creating opportunities for residents. The Housing Project is sure
to trigger development in the local areas. African Bridge will coordinate with appropriate local authorities and contractors in Africa.

Our projected start date is early 2004, in Ogun State, Nigeria. Our representative company is Beautiful Gate and Garden Limited. The duration of this project is estimated for 12 months.
We anticipate building about one thousand homes.