This program is geared towards enriching the lives of students who are deprived of opportunities due to physical or cognitive limitations. African Bridge seeks to establish a
grant for students who are willing to learn about Africa. We will sponsor trips to African countries for select students who show an interest in learning about the continent. In turn, students from African countries will be offered grants to tour and study abroad.

Several programs associated with this venture include:

Provide school supplies such as notebooks, textbooks, pencils, computers, and
laboratory equipment for underprivileged students and under funded schools.
Donate scholarships to students on a yearly basis.
Sponsor mentor programs to work directly with troubled students.
Provide supplies to libraries across the continent in need of assistance.

ABI is working in conjunction with KJLH to sponsor a few individuals on a 9-day trip to Ethiopia in early 2004. Students from American high schools and colleges will travel to Ethiopia to learn about this exciting country.