Q: What is African Bridge?
A: African Bridge Incorporated (ABI) is a non-profit member organization. Our members hail
from varied backgrounds, bringing diversity and balance to ABI. Our mission is to build what
we envision as a "NEW AFRICA".

Q: What is a "NEW AFRICA"?
A: What we envision as a ìNEW AFRICAî is a continent where basic infrastructures will be available and accessible to all the people in Africa. The "NEW AFRICA" will be secure, self-reliant, and economically productive. Most importantly, the "NEW AFRICA" will be able to provide a sound quality of life to all the people in Africa.

Q: How can my company/foundation and myself become a member?
A: Your company/foundation and yourself can become a member through direct enrolment at African Bridgeís web site (www.africanbridge.org). You can also print out membership form,
fill it out and mail it with your check to African Bridgeís corporate head office. Another way to become a member is by calling African Bridgeís corporate head office and let a membershipís customer service representative take your information over the phone. The number to call is
310-342-8280 and 1-800-xxx-xxxx.

Q: Is my information secure if I register through African Bridgeís web site?
A: Yes your information is secure. African Bridge does not keep any record about your credit card information. African Bridge uses a third party credit card processing company (Pay pal
and Verisign) to process all credit card transactions. Each of these companies utilized Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on their network. This way your information is always protected.

Q: How can I help?
A: African Bridge presents a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to get
involved in re-structuring and re-building of Africa. We are looking for individual and
businesses that area of activities relates to ABI areas of focus in building a "NEW AFRICA" Your knowledge sharing contribution, material and financial donation are greatly needed to advance our course. You are welcome to call African Bridge corporate head office or email us
at liketohelp@africanbridge.org for any assistance you might like to offer. Donation can be
made directly at our web site or via mail.

Q: Where should I send my donation?
A: You can send your donation to:


6601 Center Drive West, Suite 500

Los Angeles, CA 90045