African Bridge Incorporated (ABI) is a non-profit member organization. Our members hail
from varied backgrounds, bringing diversity and balance to ABI. Our mission is to build
what we envision as a "NEW AFRICA."

Our founders are individuals with the same mind and ideals. ABI relies on its members'
unique talents, commitment, dedication and compassion to gather the resources to build
much needed infrastructures in
Africa, such as modern roads, affordable housing, medical facilities, transit systems, telecommunication systems, and potable water. This infrastructure forms the cornerstone of the NEW AFRICA.

To build a NEW AFRICA, members will bring their resources, experiences, culture, and
finances, along with their hopes and dreams, to solidify our presence and leave a legacy for
our children. ABI is the "bridge" that connects individuals and corporations who will bind together and use personal and business resources to help restore Africa to its rightful glory.

ABI wants to create jobs. ABI also wants to provide opportunities for alternate income
streams for businesses that join us in building a NEW AFRICA. Our foremost goal is to
improve the standard of living in Africa. Our global members will benefit from an improved economy in Africa by seizing the business opportunities that abound on the continent.

Opportunities for business startups in Africa are limitless. Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, small-to-midsize companies, and large corporations across the globe can benefit from Africa's rich land, mineral supplies, and its need for technology to bridge the digital divide. Integrity needs to be restored to Africa. ABI, its members, and its business members can bring positive imagery to Africa and remove the veiled view of this great continent.

Recent studies show the social and economic gains of doing business with Africa are unparalleled. ABI can help individuals, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, small-to-midsize companies and large corporations seek out personal or business-related opportunities in Africa.

ABI's operating principle is Accountability, Commitment and Transparency (ACT), and we "ACT" on your behalf.