It is paramount that we understand that this vision can be made reality. As we embark on this great venture, we ask that professionals all around the world who able to envision this dream join us. Ideas, opinions, and intellectual inputs via email, regular mail, faxes or phone calls will
be welcome and appreciated. Your dedication to building a New Africa will not be disregarded.


All donations to ABI are tax deductible. ABI has ambitious goals. And to achieve those goals, we need your help. ABI presents a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to get involved in re-structuring and re-building of Africa. Our programs will not only benefit Africa, but are designed to benefit you as well. Investors at home and abroad can find investing opportunities with ABI.

We need your help. We solicit your donations to make the NEW AFRICA a reality in our lifetime. Please donate now. We thank you for your support.